Fans of the “Main Hospital” hate Carly and draw together


Drew Kane was absent from Port Charles for about two years, and his return brought mafia boss Sonny Corintho a lot of problems. Sonny was and continues to love Carly, but considering everything he put her through, it’s clear that she doesn’t want anything to do with him.

That’s where Drew comes in, as he and Carly have grown closer in recent episodes, and it looks like the show is hinting at them teaming up with each other. The only problem is that General Hospital fans can’t stand this couple, as they hate Carly and Drew together.

Fans hate to see Carly and Drew together

Sonny spent some time in Nixon Falls as a sauce chef. Although he always had feelings for Carly, he discovered a new interest in Nina, which pushed Carly even further away from him, eventually crashing CarSon’s ship.

But Sonny is persistent and fights for Carly’s love as best he can, but he can’t seem to get away from Nina. The couple sat down to discuss their relationship and their future, and while so much has yet to be said, Carly sought solace in an unusual place.

Carly and Drew, Jason’s twin, have become close. A little background on why this might be unusual (or not for others); When Carly and everyone else assumed Sonny had died after a terrible fall, she went ahead and started a relationship with Sonny’s right-hand man, Jason. The relationship escalated and led to a wedding.

However, Jason “died”, leaving Carly alone again, and when Sonny returned to the herd, it complicates Carly’s life. Now back to the story. Carly confesses to Jason’s twin brother Drew after meeting on Jason’s Bridge.

The two have seemingly become closer, and it seems that the show is getting closer to making them a couple. However, the fans don’t have any of this. In a recent Twitter post, fans called out the show for unwanted couples.

One fan said that this is another example of how the authors of General Hospital ignore what fans want to see. A fan published a survey conducted by Soap Opera Digest, in which 74% of viewers said they did not want Carly and Drew to continue their relationship.

Fans Want Drew to be paired with his brother’s Other ex

While General Hospital fans hate to see Drew fondling his brother’s ex-wife Carly, they want him to be paired with Jason’s other mistress, Britt Westbourne. Drew has been linked to some of the soap’s leading ladies, including Sam and Elizabeth, but it looks like none of these pairings are going to happen anytime soon as both ladies have left.

But if Drew’s romantic life was given to GH fans, they would want him to be with Britt. Britt and Drew are connected through Jason, but Jason and Britt have never established a relationship since he decided to marry Carly. Britt then vowed not to date, but Drew could be the person to get her back on track again.

Since Drew and Jason are twins, they do have some similarities that fans hope will tell about Britt’s emotions and make her fall in love with him. As for Carly, fans hope that she and Sonny will revive their love for each other, as they seem to be a great couple.

Drew leaves Port Charles (again)

Drew returned to Port Charles after being presumed dead. It has been confirmed that actor Cameron Matheson will return in August 2021, and while his storyline has been stable, it looks like Matheson may take a break from the soap.

According to Soaps In Depth, Matheson got another role in a Christmas movie called “Christmas Farm”. The film is being shot in Ontario, which forces Matheson to suspend filming of GH. It is unknown when and whether he will return.