Fans of The Glory Can Not Stand Still Since The Release of The Trailer For The Second Part


The revenge drama “Glory” is certainly the drama of the beginning of the year, and fans are looking forward to the release of the second part, which will take place on March 10.

The drama is about a woman who is severely bullied and harassed in high school and seeks revenge on her bullies after graduation.

The actors’ acting, in-demand dialogues and the plot completely captured the audience, who often admitted that they watched the first 8 episodes (part 1) of the drama in one breath. Now the fans can’t stand still!

On January 23, Netflix revealed the trailer for the second season, in which fans of the drama took off. The trailer uses a format already familiar to fans, with Moon Dong-eun as the narrator reading a letter she wrote to Park Young-jin.

The teaser presents various situations, for example, when Moon Dong-eun shouts: “Stop laughing like that! with an image of Joo Ye Jung being held by a group of men, Ha Do Yeon expressing his anger at Park Yong Jin and Kang Hyun Nam locked behind bars.

The clip ends with Dong Eun telling: “Dear Young Jin, whom I wanted to kill, this is my last letter to you.”

After watching the trailer, fans commented:

  • “I can’t predict anything, I really want March 10 to come sooner”
  • “It looks like someone has been brought to justice”
  • “Will the second part of The Glory be the end? If we have to wait for Part 3 after this intense part 2 🥶”
  • “I think the screenwriter said there were only 16 episodes, so the second part would be the end”
  • “It would be better if they accidentally released all the episodes in February”
  • “I’ll go crazy because I can’t wait. »
  • “I’m one of those fans. My mom and dad loved “Glory” so much that they plan to take 2 days off when the second part is released. LOL. »

Are you impatient?


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