Fans of the 90-day-old groom suspect that Kara is pregnant in a new video on Instagram


Kara Bass looks very different in her new Instagram video, making 90 Day Fiancé fans believe that she and Guillermo Roher are welcoming a baby soon. Twenty-nine-year-old Cara met 23-year-old Guillermo when she was in the Dominican Republic for work, and a Venezuelan man served her drinks. Kara and Guillermo fell in love with each other, and when she had the opportunity to move to the Dominican Republic, the couple got engaged. Kara and Guillermo, who call themselves “cougar”, invited fans to join them on their journey to the altar in the 9th season of the TV series “The Groom for 90 Days”. In the 15th episode, the couple finally got married.

Guillermo moved to Charlottesville during the ongoing “90 Days of the Groom” season to stay with Cara, who was then working as a balloon garland maker. Fans watched Cara worry about her financial situation, and Guillermo finds out that his future wife has a wild side in her. The red flags in their relationship revolved around Kara’s deceptive past and the party girl’s behavior, which almost forced Guillermo to reconsider his decision to marry her. Fans accused Kara of treating Guillermo as a child. It was always her way or the road for Kara in the series. But fans fell in love with the couple when they got married in a cute wedding ceremony.

It seems that Kara and Guillermo have been married for more than a year, and there are rumors that they are now expecting their first child. Over the weekend, Kara posted a video on Instagram in which she told how she went to a place called the “Northern Garden” to show the property to some clients. It seemed like it was a common Instagram story that could be found on Kara’s page, but fans like Reddit user u/The_Chuckness88 noticed that Kara looked different in the clip due to the fact that the 90-day groom’s star is pregnant. — I didn’t recognize her at all! — added the user Beers4All, and Andrina_Sedai wrote: “I thought it was Kady from the 90-day Groom, UK.” Fans think that Kara gained weight due to pregnancy, and some commentators found her lips swollen.

It is said that along with Emily Biberli, whose pregnancy was confirmed in the series “90-day groom”, two other participants of the ninth season have children. According to @fraudedmedia, during the Tell-All, Thais Ramon and Kara will announce that they are pregnant. While Kara has yet to reveal any clues about her good news, Thais has tried several times to hide her pregnancy, but to no avail. Fans watched as Thais posted photos of herself on Instagram, awkwardly posing with accessories to hide her tummy.

However, this is just another episode of the 90-day groom, until fans find out if Thais and Kara are really expecting a baby. It seems that all the couples from season 9 are still together, including Kara and Guillermo, who got married in July 2021. Their storyline didn’t turn out to be as dramatic as expected, so it’s unlikely they’ll be back in a new spin-off anytime soon. However, fans realized that Kara and Guillermo are a real couple who are together not for money or fame, but for love. And with a new member expected to join Kara and Guillermo’s family soon, fans of 90 Day Fiancé are excited for the couple.


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