Fans of the 90 Days Fiancee are outraged by Angela Dim’s attack on Michael


Warning! The following contains spoilers for the 90 Days Fiancee: Happily ever after? episode “Are you happy now?” Read at your own risk!

Angela Dim was once again the target of the 90 Days Fiancee’s fandom, and her behavior caused real outrage. The latest episode of Happily Ever After? showed how Angela finally ran into her husband Michael Ilesanmi after flying to Nigeria without warning to ask him about his personal Instagram page, which he created without her permission. This was followed by a violent quarrel between them, and the fans are so upset by Angela’s behavior that they can’t keep quiet about it.

When Angela arrived at Michael’s house, she tore pieces from his car and cursed him until he showed up with his family members. Then Angela rushed to Michael and started pushing him, and it took Michael’s family members and some of the 90 Days Fiancee’s crew to separate them. Angela, as well as her friend who was following her, were eventually removed from the premises, but not before she told Michael that she would return for the car that her money had paid for. Angela justified her actions in front of the camera, saying that her husband broke her heart, but the fans were not on board, and many considered her actions excessive:

Angela stated before this trip that she went to Nigeria to see if her marriage was intact, or she should move on to a new Canadian man named Billy, with whom she communicated via the Internet. Billy did not appear in the last episode, but fans mentioned him, criticizing Angela’s motive to call Michael:

Fans of 90 Day Fiancé were quick to point out that Angela didn’t talk much and didn’t understand everything, but instead flew on a plane for several hours to damage her husband’s car. Angela tore off Michael’s license plates in addition to some other damage, presumably so that he could not drive it around town:

If you’ve watched The 90 Days Fiancee, you know that such tricks are not uncommon with Angela Dim. She once showed her breasts to Michael’s aunt during an argument and even threatened other actors in the past when they scolded her for her treatment of Michael. This latest incident is not surprising, but fans are wondering why TLC continues to allow her to participate in the series, given her history of problematic behavior:

Some fans also found it hard to sympathize with Angela’s acquittal, given Michael’s side of the story. Michael stated in a recent episode that he created his own Instagram account only because he wanted to be an influential person like Angela, and she wanted him to stop working throughout the visa application process. One Redditor noted that when all was said and done, it doesn’t look like Michael actually did anything wrong, but Angela is accumulating evidence.:

He didn’t do anything… she’s just awful! And SHE’s flirting online! I have no idea how he tolerated her aggressive and nasty behavior all these years. She was the one who told him he couldn’t have a job!! She’s openly insulting him! A rabid maniac!

One thing 90 Days Fiancee: Happily ever after? viewers should note that this is a rumor that appeared long before this season aired. It was rumored that Michael and Angela weren’t actually “romantically involved” at the time, but mutually agreed to do a spin-off, which is currently being broadcast, so they could still be paid. Rumors, as always, should be treated with a degree of skepticism, but if it were true, it would better explain why Angela did not try to fix their marriage. In any case, it seems that many are tired of her antics, and it will be interesting to see if TLC removes her from programming, as it did with past participants.

90 Days Fiancee: happily ever after? airs on TLC on Sundays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Waiting for a week of drama with these storylines can be hard, but with so many amazing shows in the TV program for 2022, there are plenty of other options that can ease this expectation.


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