Fans of the 90-day groom think that Aida and Bilal are in New York for everyone to see


A fan recently spotted Bilal Hazziz and Shaida Sweeney from the 9th season of the TV series “The Groom for 90 Days” in New York. Bilal is a real estate agent, lives in Missouri, has already been married and has two teenage children. On the other hand, Shaida is a yoga instructor and fashion enthusiast from Trinidad and Tobago. They met when Shaida contacted Bilal on social media after learning about him from mutual friends. They established a fast connection via text messages and video calls, and when they finally met in person, they got engaged just a week later.

So far this season, Bilal and Shaida have had a lot of problems and disagreements. One of the serious problems for the couple is the topic of children, while Shaida wants to have children right now, Bilal is not sure if he wants more children, since both of them are teenagers now. The two also don’t seem to be on the same page when it comes to finances. Bilal makes it clear that he is worried about Shaida hunting for gold, and also admits that she does not know about his wealth, since he never told her about it. He even offers to conclude a marriage contract between them, which Shaida does not like.

Recently, as it was posted on Reddit, Bilal and Shaida were photographed together walking along 5th Avenue in New York. The couple seem to be chatting happily as they walk down the street holding hands. It looks like the couple may be in town to film everything, and to the surprise of some fans, it seems like they are still in a relationship after the show. One user commented that David, a bandmate of Jibri Bell, was also accidentally spotted in New York, prompting further speculation that a “Tell-All” was taking place.

When it came to comments, users were not afraid to express their opinion that Bilal and Shaida are still together. One user commented: “I’m so upset that she’s still with him,” while another added, “I wish Shaida would run away from Bilal.” Many viewers are upset by how Bilal often behaves towards Shaida, for example, by the strange joke he made when he went to pick her up from the airport in a work van to make sure that she was not a gold digger. Bilal looks a bit arrogant about his money, especially when he contradicts himself by thinking Shaida is using him when she doesn’t even know what he really has.

Bilal and Shaida are not the only ambiguous couple from the 9th season of “The 90—day groom” who have recently been seen together in public. Yves Arellano and Mohamed Abdelhamed were photographed together at the Dallas airport, indicating that they are still together. As in the case of Bilal and Shaida, many fans disapprove of Mohamed’s often arrogant behavior towards Willow. Although it seems that Bilal and Shaida can now be happily married, fans will know more when the 9th season of “The 90-day Groom” officially airs.