Fans of “Stranger Things” renamed Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) into hundreds of strange names


Not only is “Stranger Things” the most popular show, but also the characters it gave us are just fantastic. It’s hard to forget how the creators shaped the characters and showed their growth or evolution. But one character from the series who faced the most radical changes or showed them is Steve Harrington.

Harrington went from being the most despised character to everyone’s favorite. But have you ever thought about what would have happened if Steve’s name wasn’t Steve?

What other name could Steve Harrington have from “Stranger Things”?

From the complete jerk Nancy in the first season to the official nanny in “Stranger Things”, Steve Harrigton has come a long way. His chemistry with Dustin changed the rules of the game, but when in the third season he got along with Robin, the audience appreciated it too. And to be honest, we saw Nancy fall in love with him again in season four. Meanwhile, poor Steve is still looking for true love, with whom he can have a bunch of children.

And now that the fourth season is over and there is a lot of time before the release of the fifth, people have enough time to develop their own theories. Recently, the Reddit community “Stranger Things” asked the question: what other name could Joe Kiri’s character from “Stranger Things” have besides Steve? Fans gave great answers:

One user took an extra step to explore the era in search of a suitable name.

Meanwhile, another user chose a name that many people would like to call this character.

Some just introduce him as Joe. His real name fits his character perfectly.

Because Steve is so kind and sweet, some people like to call him by that name.

Here is another link to the name of the hairpin.

We also have some weird but funny names.

Let’s see if you can relate to this.

So, these were some of the best responses from the Reddit community. Tell us in the comments if you have something more fun or accurate. Meanwhile, all seasons of “Stranger Things” are broadcast on Netflix.


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