Fans of Splatoon 3 are scared by the transformation of squid on box art


Some Splatoon 3 fans are scared by the Inking transformation process depicted on the back of the game box. Inklings and octopuses can change shape between squid and baby, allowing players to either swim on ink on the ground or run on land. The process of going through these two forms has already been shown in past Splatoon games with the help of concept art, but some fans are seeing the transformation for the first time and call this process creepy.

Inklings’ ability to switch between baby or squid form is an integral part of the game, but characters can usually be seen covered in ink before they transform into one form or another. The inklings’ development process was also shown in the first game, showing that they grow from a tiny squid into a full-fledged inklings. Splatoon 3 shows how they transform between the two, and also shows the middle stage of the transition from one to the other.

This intermediate stage is present in some copies of Splatoon 3, with some noting that the image may be missing depending on which region or version of the game was purchased. In any case, the middle stage of inklings transformation shows that they are being restored from ink, with all four limbs also present. The Inkling’s head also looks more like a squid, as does the shape it is transitioning from, although the lower tentacles are also still hanging down. Once Inking’s child form is completed, his clothes also appear on them out of ink, along with their hairstyle and weapons.

The image of the squid transformation on the back of the case is actually terrifying from splatoon.

This work of art was seen before the launch of the game, but that didn’t stop players from commenting on how creepy it looks at first glance. Some fans noted that the process reminded them of how the Inklings transitioned from their squid form when Splatoon was first demonstrated, with early footage showing the inklings’ eyes popping out of their orbits before returning to their default state. Others were also reminded of the previously mentioned concept art of the evolution process, where the middle stages always seemed the most creepy.

Despite this creepy-looking process, the transformation between the squid and the baby is an integral part of the game, as moving the squid-shaped ink is a key element. Splatoon 3 introduces two new techniques while swimming, Squid Surge and Squid Roll respectively, which help give players more movement options by smashing their opponents.

Splatoon 3 is now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.


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