Fans of Nicole Kidman shared an AMC advertising prayer – “It’s a cult”


Fans of Nicole Kidman are really addicted to AMC advertising, which is shown before films in their cinemas. As a result, the Internet regularly shares the best memes around advertising. A group of Kidman fans demonstrate their love for AMC ads in a prayer that some Redditors call a “cult.”

Nicole Kidman’s ad on AMC channel — Clean Camp

Nicole Kidman | AMC Theaters

If you haven’t seen an AMC commercial featuring Kidman, then you’ve stayed away from their movie theaters and probably avoided the internet. It instantly made a big impression on the internet and went viral. The video begins with Kidman walking to the AMC cinema.

Kidman walks into the AMC Theater and approaches his seat. She watches movies on the big screen in an empty movie theater, such as “La La Land”, “Jurassic World” and “Wonder Woman”. The advertisement highlights the theatrical experience, including a large silver screen with clear sound.

Social media quickly went berserk over Kidman’s AMC ad. They made fun of it, but they also admired how great it was. Advertising, of course, sells the brand very well.

Nicole Kidman fans share their AMC promotional prayer, which some call a “cult.”

Reddit shared a TikTok video of a group dedicated to Kidman through an AMC ad. It looks like they are sitting in the backyard of an apartment building before watching a movie on their outdoor projector. However, the group decides to read the dialogue from the Kidman AMC commercial in unison. One of the band members even holds a large image of the actor’s head. The recorder shows printed graphics that allow them to read together. Read the full transcript of the video below:

“We come to this place for magic. We come to AMC cinemas to laugh, cry, take care. Because we need it. All of us. That indescribable feeling that we experience when the light begins to fade and we go where we have never been before. Not just entered, but somehow revived. Together. Dazzling images on a huge silver screen. The sound I feel. For some reason, a broken heart feels good in a place like this. Our heroes feel like the best part of us, and the sorties seem perfect and powerful, because here… they are. AMC theaters. We make films better.”

Talk about bringing home a theatrical experience in other ways besides image and sound. However, some of the Reddit comments call it a “cult,” to which one Kidman fan replied, “Yes… we are.”

Reddit shared its reaction to the ad

After all, I associate any topic of conversation with Nicole Kidman’s ad on the AMC channel

— Adam Moussa (@adamjmoussa) November 1, 2021

Reddit comments regarding Kidman AMC’s promotional prayer range from being called “terrifying” to loving every second. One of the most popular comments read: “Imagine hearing it through the fence while you’re in the backyard.”

However, other users took the opportunity to explain how viewers of their cinemas react to the Kidman AMC ad when it is shown in cinemas. Redditors reported clapping, laughing and reading along with the ad.

It is clear that Kidman AMC advertising has certainly left its mark on the world. It is unknown how these viewers will react when he eventually stops playing.