Fans of “Mayans MC” and “Sons of Anarchy” have seen actor Tig Traeger Kim Coates before


The FX channel has just shown the finale of the 4th season of Mayans MC, and fans were happy to see a familiar face from “Sons of Anarchy”. Tig Traeger, played by Kim Coates, seemed to be closing out the season. And although fans know Coates best from his work on “Sons,” he has played roles in many other famous shows. That’s where Mayans MC fans have seen Tig Trager actor Kim Coates before.

Tig Traeger in “Mayans MC”? Fans know him from “Sons of Anarchy”

Tig Traeger is one of the few “Sons of Anarchy” characters who has survived everything that has happened in the series since conception. Most recently, fans were honored with his presence in the Mayans MC Season 4 finale. In May 2022, actor Kim Coates teased his return on Twitter ahead of the fifth episode of Season 4.

“I’m back. Like, really back,” he tweeted. “The war continues… keep watching, pips… shit is about to explode… SOA vs MMC.”

So, why is Tig back? TVLine notes that he had a key conversation with Alvarez in the season finale. Teague and Alvarez discuss the ongoing war between the Sons of Anarchy and the Maya. Teague informs Alvarez that the bartender from Santo Padre, Jess, approached the Sons from the cutte of Montez. Kutte was found in a barrel in Mayan territory, and Montes died earlier in the series. Ultimately, this discovery marked the beginning of the current conflict between the two groups.

Where have fans seen Tig Trager actor Kim Coates before

Viewers of the Mayans MC Season 4 finale were delighted with the return of Sons of Anarchy star Tig Traeger. But fans have probably seen actor Kim Coates before.

According to IMDb, Coates started back in the early 90s with cinema, and since then he has starred in more than 40 films to the present day. Two early Warner Bros hits included Innocent Blood and The Client. He also had roles in Ridley Scott’s The Fall of the Black Hawk and Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor.

In terms of television, Coates had a recurring role as Ron Saris in CSI: Miami from 2008 to 2009. He also played Agent Richard Sullins in Prison Break from 2006 to 2009. Other notable shows include Entourage from 2008 to 2011 and Crossing Lines from 2013 to 2014. Coates starred in Sons of Anarchy from 2008 to 2014.

After “Sons,” he played Ed Logan in the miniseries “The Godless.” From 2017 to 2018, he played Billy McGrath in another series, Ghost Wars. He had other recurring roles from 2018 to 2021 in the films “Bad Blood”, “Pretty Hard Cases”, “Van Helsing” and “Royal Action”.

Coates has several future concerts planned. He plays the main role in the television mini-series “White House Plumbers”, which is in the post-production stage, as well as in several films.

Can Teague return for the fifth season of Mayans MC?

Tiga Traeger’s actress Kim Coates is busier than some “Sons of Anarchy” fans thought. Can he return to Mayans MC Season 5?

So far, Mayans MC Season 5 has not been officially announced. But the creator of the series, Elgin James, hopes that the series will continue, because he has big plans for the future. When asked if the Mayans could match the seven-season run of Sons of Anarchy, he replied “definitely.”

“Definitely, and that’s how we planned it, just because it’s a model we knew,” James told Deadline. “Then who knows? Shows usually don’t last seven seasons anymore, so it might just be another season. We just know that every time we have to live another day, we’ll just lay it all out.”

We assume that if Tig’s return leads to an increase in the number of viewers in the finale of the 4th season of “Maya”, the production will ask him to return next season.

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