Fans of Love Island in the USA are dissatisfied with the “native turn”


Bria and Chazz Bryant shook things up when they arrived at the Love Island Villa in the US, but fans of the show would like them to stay at home. The natives of New Jersey introduced themselves to the islanders through the episode after Valerie was thrown for not being able to connect with one of the male islanders. Valerie was one of the first new members to arrive with Madi, and seemed determined to find a partner. The star briefly contacted Isaiah, but eventually chose Jesse as her partner. Unfortunately, he was more interested in his original partner Deb, and he returned to her when reconnecting.

Fortunately, Valerie has already set her sights on the new islander Tyler, who seems to like her. Unfortunately, when it came time for Tyler to become a partner, he chose Serenity and sent Valerie packing. When Bria and Chazz arrived, they did what the audience asked and had their first dates with Isaiah and Madi. Luckily for Sydney, who finally decided what she wanted, Chazz chose Bria to partner with Timmy instead. For Chazz, his sister thought Serenity was the perfect match. Their choice has left Tyler and Zeta alone, and they are in danger of being thrown out of the villa.

While the islanders seemed to be amazed by the two, as all the contestants praised Bria’s beauty, the feeling was not mutual for fans of Love Island at home. “This related twist is wrong,” wrote Reddit user Justagirl_10. The fan explained that they don’t like that the two have chosen partners for each other, and they think it spoils the show. “It makes me think about it,” the user added. Other fans agreed, saying that it would be harder for siblings to participate in kissing competitions, and if one sibling was in danger of being eliminated, the other would most likely save them.

However, some fans were happy to see that because of the siblings, Tyler is in danger of disappearing. He’s not their favorite contestant, and they wouldn’t mind if he came home. They were also happy that Bria became the partner of her brother Serenity, as the islander found it difficult to communicate with the contestants, and she wanted someone to show her how much they care about her. Fans also compared the situation to the British and Australian versions of “Love Island”, which featured twins. They think that when siblings are of the same sex, it matters and is not a problem.

The arrival of Bria and Chazz certainly annoys fans of Love Island. Although there are some advantages to joining the brothers and sisters series, the opposition of fans greatly outweighs the positive aspects. There is also bound to be some drama between the participants, as Bria is now together with long-time partner Zeta. She and Timmy have been together since the first episode, and after the breakdown of the previous episode, it doesn’t look like she can handle Bria taking her man away. It looks like Bria and Chazz will have to work a little to win over the fans of Love Island in the USA.


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