Fans of Hugh Jackman’s Latest Teaser About Deadpool Are Wondering If He Accidentally Missed Some Important Information


While comic book movies are everywhere these days, some properties stand out as fan favorites. Deadpool definitely belongs in this category, and the upcoming triquel is one of the most anticipated future Marvel films. This is partly due to the news that Hugh Jackman will return to play Wolverine alongside his nemesis Ryan Reynolds. And Jackman’s latest teaser regarding Deadpool makes fans wonder if he accidentally missed some important information. Let’s take it all apart.

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are known for their adorable fake feud, which they often use to promote each other’s projects and generally to make the audience laugh. The X-Men icon recently continued this on Instagram, pleading with Academy voters NOT to nominate “Good Afternoon” from Ryan Reynolds’ “Spirited” for best song. We remind you that you can watch this clip below.


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Although this video has gone viral because of how many people like to watch Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds poking fun at each other. But during it, the actor “The Greatest Showman” mentions that he is going to spend a year on the set of “Wolverine and Deadpool”. This choice of words has caused a storm of theories on the Internet, and some fans think that Jackman may have missed important information.

The comments section in Hugh Jackman’s Instagram post about Spirited is very active, especially among people who analyze every word said by the 54-year-old actor during a short clip. Some people think that he could confirm that two different projects are being filmed, one of which he especially commented:

Judging by the way he said it, it looks like there might be a separate Wolverine movie besides Deadpool.

You can dream, can’t you? Although there is currently no indication that any other project other than “Deadpool 3” will work together with Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds. But the way Jackman phrased his comment makes people turn their heads for several reasons.

Another theory that emerged as a result of this quick Instagram video is that Hugh Jackman accidentally revealed the title of the movie, and in fact it’s Wolverine and Deadpool, not Deadpool 3. One of these fans also commented on the post, saying:

No, he’s talking about Wolverine and Deadpool. Remember, Hugh mentioned some time after the disclosure that he would like to change the name of “Deadpool 3”, since he has such a big role in the film. So, I’m going to go ahead and say that he just revealed the official name right here.

The plot thickens. Of course, it is more than possible that both of these theories are completely untrue, and Hugh Jackman was just talking in colloquial terms. Only time will tell, as Ryan Reynolds and company keep their cards to themselves. But the expectation is clearly high, especially when Jackman is waving his claws in the role of Wolverine again.

Deadpool 3 is currently expected to hit theaters on November 8, 2024. In the meantime, check out the release dates of the films in 2023 to plan your next movie.


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