Fans of Hideo Kojima believe that Overdose is a teaser of the new Silent Hill in the style of PT


Some time has passed since the release of Death Stranding, and many were interested to see what Hideo Kojima is working on next. While the evidence for a Death Stranding sequel seemed promising, recent signs indicate that the beloved director is releasing a horror game — even though fans already think this game may not be what it seems.

The leak from the game confirms a few details, but leaves a lot of assumptions. It is assumed that the main role in it will be played by Margaret Qually, who played the Mother from Death Stranding, and the name of the game, apparently, will be “Overdose”. Nothing is known about the mechanics of the game, other than the fact that it will apparently allow players to switch between first- and third-person views. However, another leak showed the logo, and the second O seems to hide a reference to PT.

Many probably remember Hideo Kojima’s PT, as it has become one of the most unique horror films in recent years. Short for Playable Teaser, the game was full of horror and unique puzzles. After the decision, he provided the Silent Hills trailer to the players, confirming that big games like Guillermo Del Toro will help the project. Unfortunately, Kojima’s working relationship with Konami led to the departure of the developer and the cancellation of the promising new version of Silent Hill. However, as @Edward8920 has shown, Kojima may have a chance to work on Silent Hill again.

On the Overdose logo, you can see three separate circles, and the circles in question have a triangular shape. The same group of circles appeared during the PT gameplay, and it is unlikely that Kojima will use them again by accident. Silent Hill fans will also recognize these circles by one of the logos of the series, which made them a fun teaser in the teaser during PT. By this logic, they may well be an Overdose teaser, assuming that this new game is also a cover for the Silent Hill project.

While this may just be another example of Kojima referencing the ill-fated Silent Hills in his new work, it would be a strange move to include circles in the Overdose logo if they’re not actually building anything. The biggest question will be how Kojima got the opportunity to work on Silent Hill again, since he will most likely never return to work with Konami. Perhaps either Microsoft or Sony, rumored to be partners in his next game, could get the rights from Konami. At the moment, these are just assumptions, but, according to rumors, answers may be inevitable at Summer Game Fest.

Until Hideo Kojima’s horror comes out and fans can confirm that this is not Silent Hill, this theory is likely to be believed. However, considering Kojima’s tricks with showing Metal Gear Solid 5 and PT, this is understandable.