Fans of God of War Ragnarok noticed the returning feature in the new screenshots


Fans of God of War Ragnarok have been craving gameplay and additional information for some time, going even further than the recent release date of the game. Fans of God of War Ragnarok know what will be in the special editions, know that Tyr is somehow involved in this, and know that Kratos and Atreus plan to stop Ragnarok, but in terms of gameplay and new content, Sony and Santa Monica have been strangely silent for the game, several months after launch.

However, it seems that everything will change soon. There are rumors that the upcoming PlayStation Showcase will take place on September 8th, and it’s hard to imagine that God of War Ragnarok won’t be there if the rumors are true. Beyond that, however, God of War Ragnarok graces the cover of Game Informer Magazine, and along with some new combat details, there’s even more on the way.

Along with the unveiling of the cover of God of War Ragnarok GI, several screenshots from the game appeared. Fans poured out this information, looking at how this area compares with the pictures shown last year and more. However, fans were also quick to notice a small detail in some screenshots.

Odin’s crows are back as collectibles… I don’t know how to treat it. Thoughts? from GodofWar

As seen above and found by Redditor user Bdboss_777, Odin’s crows are returning as collectibles. In the first game, 51 players could be found, and it looks like there will be even more in the next game. On the one hand, the return of collectibles is commonplace in any video game franchise, and of course Odin originally had more than 51 crows, but on the other hand, it’s hard to say how fans feel about it. The leaked images showed a model of Odin’s character, and it goes without saying that he will play an important role in the upcoming game. Collecting Odin’s ravens after players kill god, if they do, would be a bit weird, but then again, it’s just a video game.

It is noteworthy that the reaction of Bdboss_777 is mostly positive. No one seems to care that Odin’s crows will return in the upcoming God of War Ragnarok, and they see this as a natural continuation of the first sequel game. Other discoveries for the game showed that the players for some reason were upset by the return of animation, for example, how Kratos rowing a boat and other similar small details. Reusing resources when someone can save a huge amount of development time, and it’s not like small details like this are the big difference of any game. Instead, this small discovery was accompanied by some interesting changes to Kratos’ weapons and shields in the upcoming game, as well as the hope that more will appear on the horizon. All of this is ultimately a good sign for God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarok is released on November 9 on PS4 and PS5.


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