Fans of “Get knives” Ridiculed Ben Shapiro For The “Glass Bow” Tirade on Twitter


Ben Shapiro was mocked by fans of “Get Knives” online after he took to Twitter to list all the problems he found with Glass Onion, many of which had rather unconvincing logic.

The right-wing Internet character shared a long Twitter thread on Boxing Day, where he described in detail everything in the film that offended him, including criticism of both the script and the political views of director Ryan Johnson.

“Ryan Johnson’s politics are as lazy as his writing,” he wrote. “His view of the universe is that Elon Musk is a bad and stupid person, and that anyone who loves him — in the media, politics or technology — gets money from him.”

Some viewers have already suggested that the billionaire character Miles Bron looks like a Twitter and SpaceX tycoon.

Shapiro also criticized the film for “misleading” viewers, which caused particular amusement among Twitter users due to the fact that they overlooked the entire premise of the murder mystery. “We will find out about the actual murder that we have to investigate in an hour and 10 minutes of the film, as well as a completely new backstory,” he complained.

Writer Leila Claire said: “One of the best things about Ben Shapiro is that he constantly consumes media that eviscerate his corner on the Internet in order to deliberately enrage himself. It’s a version of Twitter where you film being kicked in the balls over and over again.”

Writer Shiv Ramdas apparently agreed, calling Shapiro’s tirade “the funniest thing that will happen in 2022.”

Other Twitter users joked that they had to tell Shapiro the news that he had found an obvious mistake in the fundamental structure of the murder mystery. I’m worried that someone will tell him about Agatha Christie.”

It also became known that “Glass Bow” was watched 82.1 million hours on Netflix over the first weekend, making it the sixth-largest film debut on the streaming service since recording began last year.


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