Fans may invest in Nothing, startup by OnePlus founder


Carl Pei, co-founder of manufacturer OnePlus, announced on Tuesday (16) that his new startup, Nothing, will accept up to $ 1.5 million in investments in a round of community actions that will take place next month. In this initiative, a member of the fan community will be elected to the company’s board of directors with the role of always remembering “what users want”.

“We want our community to be part of our journey from the beginning and to play an active role in it.” said Pei. Pre-registration for the financing option will open on February 16 at 10 am and the campaign will run on March 2 at the same time.

The startup recently raised $ 15 million in an Alphabet Series A round and an additional $ 7 million from top entrepreneurs like Kunal Shah of Cred, Tony Fadell, director of Future Shape and inventor of the iPod, the well-known YouTuber Casey Neistat, Kevin Lin, co-founder of Twitch, and Steve Huffman, chief executive of Reddit.

Nothing’s projects are unknown

Carl Pei has yet to reveal all the products he wants to offer in his new venture. So far, he has only reported that the startup plans to develop a pair of wireless headsets and smart electronic devices.

In response to the TechCrunch website, which asked why he couldn’t do all of this on OnePlus, the entrepreneur replied that “when you want to build something new and different, the best way is to start from scratch and with a change of environment”.


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