Fans love Property Brothers Drew Scott in an amazing fight scene for Girls5eva Finale, and the creator explained how it happened


Spoilers below for the second season finale of Girls5eva, so be careful if you haven’t watched yet!

The second season of Girls5eva gave Peacock subscribers eight more episodes of clever and hilarious satire, not to mention one of the biggest TV hits of 2022 with the NSFW empowerment jam “BPE”. But who could have expected that one of the brightest and boldest events of the season would be the appearance of Drew and Jonathan Scott from the glory of Property Brothers? Regardless of whether it could have been predicted or not, the brothers and sisters engaged in home renovation have brought their comedy chops to the fore, and fans can’t get enough of it. In my book, the guest role may be worthy of an Emmy, largely thanks to the masterfully staged fight scene of Drew Scott with Paula Pell, and creator Meredith Scardino shared some thoughts about how it all happened.

Fans are delighted with the skills of the Cameo brothers and Drew Scott in martial arts

In the second season of Girls5eva, the Property Brothers stars found themselves in a very strange light in terms of storytelling, as the titular female group made a deal with the Scott brothers’ fictional label — Property Records, of course — and they were tasked with putting together an album in six months. weeks to promote a new line of flavored hammers that will serve as merchandise during the tour. Unfortunately, they never went on tour because Girls5Eva are just too watchable, which prompted Paula Pell’s Gloria to molest Drew and Jonathan Scott, which led to an epic brawl for the comedy. And in a newly renovated house, no less.

Paula Pell shared her assessment of the scene on Twitter, and she definitely wasn’t the only one, although she clearly experienced it like no one else. That’s what Pell said:

THE LAST DAY! #Girls5eva @peacockTV I have a scene with The Property Brothers that is so beautifully crappy and these women are such perfection! love you so much @MrDrewScott @JonathanScott @SaraBareilles @BusyPhilipps @ReneeGoldsberry.

While those who commented on Paula Pell’s post mostly begged for a Season 3 update, other Girls5eva fans were more honed in their reaction. In a tweet, journalist Emily Nussbaum expressed the opinion that this moment was something that was still missing on our televisions, although it was the only fate that makes sense.

The finale of the 2nd season of Girls5Eva was simply amazing … 30% of the zest at the rock level, plus a heart, great characters and songs. Also, I had no idea I was craving a boss fight with Property Bros.

I feel like Drew and Jonathan Scott would be perfect in a Property Brothers-style parody series in which all the tropes of dom and Reno are twisted for comedic splendor. Even their moment after the fight, when the brothers returned to TV presenter mode, killed me as much as any other moments from the super talented cast of the show. But let’s get back to the praise of fighting the tweet below.

I start my morning with a delicious cup of coffee and watch @perlapell beat the shit out of Property Brother in a scene that must have just been aimed at “go to each other.” What a way to start the weekend. #devushki5eva

Despite the fact that Drew Scott’s fight video was pretty impressive from all sides, and although he held his own against Gloria for a while- no one could match her titanium leg — some fans still quickly soaked the HGTV stars in a good mood.

Oh, Property Brothers isn’t shit. #Girls5Eva

Overall, it’s safe to say that Drew and Jonathan Scott’s final cameos were the highlights for Girls5eva, which will hopefully last for many more seasons, as I could probably watch the always brilliant Andrew Rannels mispronounce things to the end of the century. In the meantime, let’s see how the Property Brothers stars ended up in a streaming comedy.

How the cameo and the Property Brothers Fight scene appeared

As Meredith Scardino told USA Today (opens in new tab), the narrative thrust in creating the season’s arc was to make fun of celebrity branding and influence, and Drew and Jonathan Scott’s country-style connections made them perfect for Girls5eva. And it turned out that they agreed to do it based on one of the best songs by Sarah Barel from the first season. According to Skardino:

The dream has always been to get them to play a cameo role, and I was so happy when they said they would. Jonathan told me that part of the reason they said yes was because someone played him the “Dawn’s Fear Song” from the first season. He heard it separately from the show, but then they watched and were on board.

Obviously, the Property Brothers cameo could have included any number of strange situations and episodes, and some fans may be surprised to learn that Drew Scott’s combat choreography skills were not invented for the show. Rather, the video of Scott and stuntman Daniel Losicero, which the characters watch in the finale, already existed.