Fans Have Pointed Out The Similarities Between Millie Alcock From House of Dragons and Spider-Gwen, and Now I Can’t See It


Millie Alcock completely stole my heart in “House of the Dragon,” so much so that when she handed over her character to Emma D’Arcy in the middle of the first season, it really took me a few episodes to mourn her absence. At the same time, Alcock clearly has a bright future ahead of her as an actress after a high-profile role, if she is looking for it, and recently fans have realized that she bears a resemblance to one fan-favorite character in Spider-Verse.

Millie Alcock looks a lot like Spider-Gwen from the 2018 movie Spider-Man: Across the Universes, which is arguably the best Spider-Man movie ever. Check out this fan post that went viral on Twitter:

The similarity is incredible! Millie Alcock could very well embody a version of Gwen Stacy from the universe where Peter Parker dies and she becomes a big hero, all the time being in a rock band called The Mary Janes. The photos of Alcock are taken from the Australian comedy series “In an upright position”, the second season of which has just been released. Alcock also previously introduced himself to Boss Logic on Instagram as Spider-Gwen after “a lot of requests” filled his inbox.:


Bu gönderiyi Instagram’da gör


Bosslogic (@bosslogic)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

 Millie Alcock kept to King’s Landing amid the mess of the Targaryen family tree in the role of the young Rainira, named the heiress at the beginning of the HBO series. She would undoubtedly make Spider-Gwen her own character, combining charm, intelligence and coolness.

There are currently no known plans for Spider-Gwen to be released live, as Hailee Steinfeld continues to embody her in animation as part of the cast list of the Spider-Verse sequel, Across the Spider-Verse. It is reported that there will be more Spider-Gwen in the Sony Animation film along with Miles Morales, whereas on the MCU front, Spider-Man’s future is a bit blurry after the incredible “Spider-Man: there is no way home.”

Some believe that Sydney Sweeney from Euphoria can play Gwen Stacy in the upcoming film “Madame Web”, but others believe that instead she will play Julia Carpenter, also known as the second Spider-Woman. I really think that someday we’ll get Spider-Gwen in the MCU, maybe along with Miles Morales in live action, and Millie Alcock is a really great choice. I’m not going to see it any time soon.

At the same time, Millie Alcock spoke about the personal struggle she has been through since she gained fame in the “House of the Dragon”. Alcock shared that all this made her feel “incredibly anxious,” and she is not eager to jump into “another big franchise.” Participating in a major Marvel franchise would be against those desires.

The actress, who hails from Sydney, Australia, is 22 years old, she has her whole career ahead of her, and maybe it’s fame and fortune, or maybe she will find great roles in the independent cinema space after making such a name for herself. myself. In any case, we can’t wait to see what Alcock will do next!


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