Fans Find Kim Seon Ho As a ‘Cameo’ in Song Hye Kyo’s Drama ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’?


The return of Kim Seon Ho in the entertainment industry has been eagerly awaited by fans. But fans with super observant eyes managed to find Kim Seon Ho in the drama ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up‘.

The ‘presence’ of Kim Seon Ho in the drama starring Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong was found by fans in the sixth episode of the drama ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’ which featured EXO’s Oh Sehun.

Kim Seon Ho’s photo is displayed on the Oh Sehun background scene. Although it was blurred, fans managed to find out that the photo shows Kim Seon Ho during a photo shoot with ‘Noblesse MEN‘.

South Korean netizens speculated that the drama should indeed feature Kim Seon Ho, because it was estimated that the filming of ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’ took place sometime in July or August, before Jang Ki Yong enlisted, but was canceled due to his scandal.

Meanwhile, Kim Seon Ho will also make his first comeback in acting through the film ‘Sad Tropics’, the actor’s debut on the big screen.