Fans don’t want to see Gina Carano as Cara Dune


Disney + premiered at the end of October season 2 of the Star Wars derivative series, The Mandalorian, and before 2021 the third of the adventure program will begin to be produced.

All The Mandalorian fans have kept Cara Dune, played by actress Gina Carano, as one of their favorite characters. But, this seems to be having a decline in recent months.

As season 2 of The Mandalorian airs on the Disney + platform, actress Gina Carano continues to generate impressive controversy on Twitter with very special positions.

And is that the statements of the actress of The Mandalorian has upset the fans so much, to the point that they are demanding the dismissal of Gina Carano from the adventure series and do not want to see her playing Cara Dune on the screen again what they are creating a movement in the networks to boycott it.

It turns out that, a few weeks ago, a movement has started on social networks to boycott the actress and demand her dismissal from The Mandalorian, because the actress indirectly mocks the LGBT community on social networks, which has annoyed to the fans.

Likewise, in recent days, The Mandalorian actress Gina Carano has also stood out for her conspiratorial side. Therefore, he hinted in particular that Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election in the US was notably related to cheating, then criticized the interest of masks to fight Covid-19 and diverted their use to address the political world.

“We need to clean up the electoral process so that we don’t feel like we do today. Implement laws that protect us against electoral fraud. Investigate all states. Filming the count, removing the false votes. Make electoral fraud end in 2020 ”.

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In this sense, fans of The Mandalorian say that Carano is an actress who does not adhere to the Disney universe and therefore should be fired. While freedom of expression is a human right, many fans of the series have great difficulty understanding the actress who, playing a character who fought against the Empire, now behaves as such, defending members of the Empire.

It is important to note that both Disney + and the production of The Mandalorian have not yet officially reacted to the mobilization of the public against the actress.


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