Fans discovered several inconsistencies surrounding Anne


In Anne With An E, Anne’s optimism is a bit difficult to understand, given her background. The same could be said of her desire to fit into a world that doesn’t want her.

The optimism

Given her ordeal in the orphanage and in various abusive homes. She was beaten, molested, mentally and physically abused, and had bleak prospects for her life. However, as Mary says, she is the way she is in Anne With An E.

Why are you looking to be friends with Ruby?

In Anne With An E, Ruby is just as bad as the other girls, especially when the Cuthberts offer to take her in while the house is being restored. She is completely thankless, self-absorbed and superficial, the opposite of everything Anne is.

However, Anne is desperate to get Ruby and the other girls to like her. Even in the third season of Anne With An E. Ruby often expresses her disagreement with Anne’s ideas, including her feelings for Gilbert and the way Anne approaches Josie and Billy.

Your visit to the orphanage

The visit has no other purpose except to remind Anne how horrible the place was, which makes her think about who she really is. She also meets her childhood bully, who is still trapped there in Anne With An E.

Perhaps she is so affected by being there, but Anne’s reaction to seeing her is very different from Anne. Her passion for justice would normally see her try to do something about it, as Anne With An E viewers see with her relationship with Ka’kwet.