Fans continue to compare Denzel Washington and John Boyega. The Star Wars actor replied


You know you’re doing something right when viewers start comparing you to Denzel Washington. But if anyone is worthy of comparison, it’s Star Wars graduate John Boyega. Boyega has been playing brilliantly since his breakthrough role in “Attack of the Quarter.” So the audience will definitely see a piece of Washington in the Star Wars star. The film and television actor heard online comparisons and finally answered them.

His performance in the thriller “Destruction” did not destroy the similarity between the two actors, as viewers compared his performance to that of Denzel Washington in the 2002 film “John Q.”. The comparison began to make such a noise that the phrase “John is Denzel” became popular on the Internet. Although John Boyega was aware of the online jokes, he downplayed the importance of fans seeing him as the successor to the two-time Oscar winner. Boyega mentioned Yahoo! that he doesn’t necessarily believe he’s already achieved it. According to him:

I’m not part of this conversation, man. If that’s what they see, then it’s all a blessing. Denzel is one of the best actors in the industry. And I just started. So I have neither the time nor the opportunity to even get involved in such a conversation. I will definitely thank God for this opportunity.

As Boyega mentioned, he is still at the beginning of his career, and he has many more good roles to achieve Denzel Washington status. But the comparison with Washington is still flattering for any rising actor making a name for himself. The actor of “Little Axe” wants to spend time and effort on creating a filmography similar to the icon of “The Tragedy of Macbeth” before his name and Washington are mentioned in the same sentence.

But it turned out that John Boyega is approaching Washington territory with his new film. His co-star Nicole Behari said the energy and work he brought to the set “made her job easier.” Even the co-writer of the “Break” script, Kwame Kwei-Arma, could not help but praise Boyega, recalling that he knew that the 30-year-old actor “would be brilliant” in the role of disappointed veteran Brian Brown Easley. But his last performance even surprised Kway-Arm when he got on the set.

Of course, Denzel Washington was a model for up-and-coming actors. Not only John Boyega, but also MCU star Michael B. Jordan and his son John David Washington have faced these comparisons ever since they made a name for themselves in Hollywood. Even Oscar winner Will Smith called Washington a mentor after he got a nice note when they competed last season for best Actor. But the two-time Oscar winner is always ready to pay upfront if he sees something in young actors, since he was responsible for Elvis star Austin Butler getting the lead role, and Top Gun: Maverick star Glen Powell ventured into a Hollywood career. .

But John Boyega seems to be on the verge of critical acclaim after his Golden Globe-winning role in the movie “Little Axe.” The Star Wars star is getting reviews for his role in The Breakup, as critics called him the best role in the film. The real thriller is currently in theaters. Next, he will be seen in the historical epic “The Woman King” in the role of King Gezo, as shown in the cool trailer. The film will be released in theaters on September 16. If you want to see what else is coming out, our 2022 movie schedule will help you keep an eye on new releases.


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