Fans claim Miranda Bailey is better than Meredith for this


With many dramatic Grey’s Anatomy episodes about Meredith, it’s easy to see the character of Ellen Pompeo as the focal point of the series. Mostly since she does most of the voiceovers but there is a solid case for Bailey as the lead.

Is Miranda the mentor of others?

Bailey is a mean and intimidating doctor, and others are not so sure of her. The interns realize they have a lot to learn from the brilliant Bailey, so much so that she should be considered the main character on Grey’s Anatomy.

She helps Meredith, George, Izzie, Alex and all the newer doctors become who they are today on Grey’s Anatomy. They would never have been so successful without Bailey’s education and influence.

Does the head of surgery become?

Although Bailey resigns, the fact that she is appointed Chief of Surgery is an amazing and wonderful achievement. This is one of the reasons he feels like the main character in the hospital drama Grey’s Anatomy.

After all, she’s the one in charge of everyone, and while the stories are told through the lens of Meredith’s experience, Bailey is controlling the medical narrative in this way on Grey’s Anatomy.

How many positions have you been in?

Bailey also appears to be the main character on the Grey’s Anatomy show because she holds so many different positions over the years. She is a resident, Deputy Surgeon General and, finally, Chief of Surgery.

This allows you to see different sides of where you work and you experience many ups and downs on Grey’s Anatomy. The main character should definitely move around a bit, so that he can interact with the other characters and always know what’s going on.

In conclusion, more and more Grey’s Anatomy fans believe that Chandra Wilson has done a fantastic job and that she should be in a different position compared to Meredith, this is because she has really interesting arcs and not Meredith’s dramatic ones. .


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