Fans charge George R.R.Martin for failing to keep promise


Writer George R.R.Martin needs to deal with the consequences of a promise he made in May 2019 on his personal blog. At the time, the author had said that if his next book of The Chronicles of Ice and Fire, The Winter Winds, was not finished until today (29), fans could imprison him in a castle.

The book is not ready, however, Martin will hardly need to be imprisoned to complete the work. First because it is already in quarantine, due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. In addition, he recently stated that he has made good progress in history, but noted that there is still some time to complete the work. “It’s going to be a huge book, and I still have a lot to do,” said Martin on his blog last month.

According to the writer, The Winter Winds must be the darkest book in the series. He has not yet given many details of how the plot should go, but from what was seen in the series, and due to the complexity that the story has been gaining, it is possible to expect more than just the death of beloved characters. It remains for fans to wait for Martin to keep his promise this time and finalize the book by 2021.

The last book in the series that reached bookstores was A Dança dos Dragões, released in 2011. During this period, the author created two derivatives and participated in the production of the Game of Thrones series. Now, he claims to be dedicating himself more to the last two books of the saga.

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