There are 2 days left to celebrate the 24 years of Taehyung, (25 Korean age), and ARMY has been preparing to make the idol feel special in his day.

First they made a lighting project known as “Purple V zone”, but decided to do something much cuter. We tell you what it is about.

Through the hashtag #SmileWithTaehyung, ARMY has shared the best photos and videos of Taehyung smiling, considering that it is one of the most beautiful gestures of the idol, also transmits peace and wish you never lose your smile.

This is the fandom’s way of telling V “I purple you.” Their smile manages to convey happiness to them and they cannot believe that someone with such a terrestrial appearance will turn 24 years old. Snif

ARMY also accompanied his posts with messages for Taehyung and to describe what he means in their lives. Tomorrow will be an important day for fandom, as in South Korea they are one day ahead, Sunday morning they will celebrate the first hours of V.’s birthday.