Fans celebrate Namjoon’s birthday with RM Challenge


ARMY has organized the RM Challenge to show their love and support for Kim Namjoon on his birthday. RM is celebrating another year of life, at the birthday party joined by his fellow BTS members and the millions of netizens who follow his artistic career and who adore the rapper from ‘Dynamite’ for his great personality.

Yesterday was September 12 in South Korea, RM’s birthday was celebrated in style, with messages on social networks and the artist from the company Big Hit Entertainment also expressed his feelings through some emotional words that posted through Twitter for all his followers.

The projects and activities dedicated to Kim Namjoon have not stopped, ARMY organized a very fun challenge inspired by RM and that aims to demonstrate all the skills of Internet users who faithfully follow the interpreters of ‘ON’.

The RM Challenge is a dynamic where BTS fans record themselves singing a special song, whether it’s mornings, happy birthday, or tracks composed especially for the Bangtan Boys rapper.

Netizens created the hashtag #RMChallenge to post their clip, showing their deep love and admiration for Namjoon. ARMY chose this special day to share with everyone the impact of RM on their lives. Some fans sang in Spanish, some in English, and the most daring performed their tracks in Korean. WOOOW!

Other social media users preferred to say a special message for the BTS rapper wishing him to spend moments full of happiness, videos were also edited to make the detail more emotional for the idol originally from the city of Sangdo Dong in Seoul, South Korea.

RM celebrated another year full of love and affection from all his followers, showing that there are no barriers to music, that the connection between artist and fans is very strong when there is talent and affection involved. How did you celebrate Kim Namjoon’s birthday?


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