Fans Celebrate The Fourth Anniversary Of Twice


Since 2015, TWICE girls have demonstrated the great talent they possess and have gained great popularity as a girl group within the K-Pop industry.

Today, as it is October 19 in South Korea, ONCE is celebrating on the social networks the fourth anniversary of the group, who debuted with the song “Like OOH-AHH” and since then, each of their songs have fallen in love with fans.

Through the hashtag # 4YearsWithTWICE, ONCE is sending its messages of congratulation, thanks and words of love to the girls and although many of them were not from the beginning, they ensure that being part of the fandom and supporting them has been something very special in their life .

ONCE also remembers each of their favorite moments of the girls, as well as all the achievements they have had throughout their career, because with only 4 years they have had great success. Congratulations TWICE! The fandom hopes to continue celebrating more years with them.

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