Fans celebrate the anniversary of Singularity, one of Taehyung’s solos

“Singularity” is one of Taehyung’s most successful solos and marks 2 years since its release.

BTS has broken several records thanks to their songs and music videos on each comeback, as well as solo releases of singles and mixtapes.

V, is one of those who conquered ARMY thanks to his compositions and for the album “Love Yourself: Tear”, the idol performed “Singularity” , a song that was written by Namjoon, his voice and his talent made it one of his most successful solos and today marks its second anniversary.

2 years ago, V starred in Tear’s comeback trailer with “Singularity,” the lyrics of which speak of fear of the truth, showing that dark side of yourself, or remembering our past mistakes. Through the dance, V hides behind masks and lies so as not to face reality.

Through the hashtag # 2YearsWithSingularity , ARMY has shared photos and videos of Tae’s live performances with this song, as they consider it to be one of his best performances.

The success of “Singularity” is not only limited to performances, V managed to overcome more than 130 million views on YouTube with the official video. On platforms like Spotify, Taehyung has more than 100 million streams.

With the new Comeback of BTS and songs written V, ARMY expected to get new records and on the second anniversary of Singularity he sent many messages of support and congratulations.

Taehyung has shown great talent as a singer and songwriter, with songs like “Winter Bear” , V has fallen in love with ARMY with his lyrics and in this quarantine he has dedicated himself to writing new songs, so the idol could release his first mixtape . Tae has compiled new songs that are sure to be just as successful as “Singularity”.

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