Fans can’t stop remembering Detective John Munch for this


One of the characters that was for at least 15 seasons on Law & Order: SVU, John Munch played by Richard Belzer, is still remembered by his fans for this reason today.

In the Law & Order: SVU series, John Munch has become a fan favorite, especially for his witty banter with his partner Odafin “Fin” Tutuola (Ice-T).

However, when he is promoted from detective to squad sergeant, he manages to demonstrate how valuable he is to the team, as well as being an avid conspiracy theorist and not afraid to share his views with others.

Recall that Munch retired from the squad during season 15 of Law & Order: SVU, although he has had some appearances in subsequent seasons. But why do fans miss him so much?

Some fans appreciate Munch’s theories most of all. Fans know that he has opinions on a variety of controversial topics and is not afraid to voice them when necessary.

“Munch’s comments are always so good,” added one fan.

“Favorite character, I wish we saw more of him and his jokes.”

Much is undoubtedly a favorite of many, but at least viewers can re-watch episodes of Law & Order: SVU to remember it.


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