Fans call for removal of Donald Trump in Forgotten Me 2


A “campaign” to remove Donald Trump in Forgotten Me 2: Lost in New York has gone viral on the web in recent days. The US president had a cameo in the 1992 film, with part of the story set in a hotel he owned in the city. The joke came after recent events that led several social networks to permanently block their profiles.

As a public figure in the 1990s, Trump would have demanded his appearance in film productions when filming on site. Thus, this explains the fact that the politician is at a certain moment in the plot, in which he meets the boy lived by Macaulay Culkin.

In view of the events, on Twitter, several people suggested that he be excluded or replaced by other well-known figures. Among the ideas were mentioned Jabba (from Star Wars), Keanu Reeves, Joe Biden and Christopher Plummer – in reference to his participation in the place of Kevin Spacey in the film All the Money in the World, after scandals.

Thus, some users took the proposal seriously, putting it into practice in these humorous montages.


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