Fans believe that Dragon Ball Super just introduced us to Nappa’s family


There are those who believe that a character that appeared in the Dragon Ball Super manga could be related to Nappa, but it could be another


In the most recent chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga, number 77, we had the opportunity to take a look at the past of the series. That was not just in the days when Granolah lived with her mother on the planet Cereal, but when Bardock was still alive.

The latter, who is the father of Goku, visited this place in one of the many missions of conquest and extermination carried out by members of his species under the orders of Freeza.

Is he really a relative of Nappa?

Cereal was attacked by several Saiyans, who, taking advantage of the power of the moon of this world, transformed into giant apes. However, one of the Ceresians was able to successfully destroy it, causing them to revert to their normal form.

It is precisely after that that a character appeared that some believe is related to Nappa. Yes, Vegeta’s second-in-command that he murdered when he was no longer useful to him in the Z series.

Although this Dragon Ball Super character is not bald, he does have some traits that are reminiscent of Nappa. Especially because of the shape of the eyes and the mustache.

However, those who have followed the series think that he actually has no relationship with this villain.

In fact, he is another character, who appeared in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie and the Dragon Ball Minus manga. It is about Taro, one of Bardock’s allies.

Rather it looks like Taro from Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Taro is part of ‘Team Bardcok’, Goku’s father’s team. Not much is known about him, as he appears very sporadically. But maybe Toriyama and Toyotarou decided that he would have an appearance in the new chapter of the manga.

So far it is the most compelling theory we have read. Of course, it is not known if Nappa and Taro have any blood relationship. It is likely that they are separate characters despite their resemblance.

Nappa’s problem is that he died too early in the show’s history. That is why many things about him are ignored.

Although he is still alive in other timelines or products that are not part of the main canon, he does not have much development as a character.

Akira Toriyama didn’t care much to support him after his death at the hands of Vegeta. He might as well take advantage of Dragon Ball Super to further develop it.


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