Fans believe Lucifer’s enemy will return from the dead


The second part of season 5 of Netflix’s Lucifer is still in post production, which has fans considerably eager and creative, trying to guess what awaits Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) in the new episodes.

One of those theories indicates that several villains could return from the dead to take revenge on Lucifer, among them his brother, the angel Uriel and Marcus Pierce, better known as Cain (Tom Welling).

According to the fans, although Uriel was eliminated with the sword of Azrael that in addition to destroying his body also eliminates his soul there is still a possibility that Lucifer’s brother returns to the series, even more with God interrupting the scene .

Another of the villains that according to the fans could return is the first assassin of humanity, Cain, who after living more than two thousand years died at the hands of Lucifer in an epic battle that moved all the fans.

The return of this other character could also be tricky, as his dramatic arc concluded without leaving any loose ends. Despite that, fans insist the return is possible due to the series’ track record of reviving the dead.

In a discussion developed on Reddit, several fans assured that if Charlotte Richards returned from the dead, when The Goddess left her body, any other character could have the same luck.


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