Selena Gomez is very close to Madison Beer, the singer shares a very good relationship.

Selena fans are very angry with Beer since they are accusing her of double-sided, since while she was making the launch party of Selena Gomez’s new album ‘Rare’, Madison was seen in the same restaurant, but guess at the Who’s company? Because of Justin Bieber’s wife, fans started tying up ends and now accuse Beer of doing it on purpose.

The subject of Selena and Justin is very rough, since it was a relationship in the public eye, people were aware of everything they did and what they did not, so now that Bieber is married the morbid of this situation is still very big.

Many fans have accused, they have even shown evidence that Hailey Bieber is always on the lookout for Selena’s movements, even when Justin and the model were still dating, and with these rumors fans believe that Hailey is determined to annoy Selena.

Madison Beer responded to fans by saying:

“It would literally never in a million years try to bother her, it was just a coincidence.”

Meanwhile, Selena commented on Instagram:

“Reading all this is very unpleasant, I have known Madison since I was a baby and I saw her continue being the woman she is. There is no problem.”

Despite what Selena and Madison said, clarifying things, fans began checking the Instagram singer’s account and realized that Gomez no longer follows Madison’s Instagram account shortly after fans returned to search and Gomez I was already following Madison.

Do you think Madison and Hailey did sabotage Selena?