Fans are sure: no couple will survive the “Island of temptations V.I.P.”!


VIP fans of Temptation Island have a hunch. Also this year, four famous couples will face a serious test of loyalty: Luigi Birofio and Michel Dano, Alexander Petrovich (31 years old) and Christina Dimitriou (30 years old), Aurelio Savina (44 years old) and Lala Aluas, as well as Tommy Pedroni and Sandra Sikora (30 years old). test your relationship on the island of temptation. However, fans doubt that the couple will leave the show together at all!

The Promiflash poll (as of 12:30 on October 2) shows that fans do not believe that the relationship “V.I.P. will survive. Only 5.2 percent of those who voted believe in Gigi and Michelle — a whopping 94.8 percent, or 1,839 votes, believe they will fail. Alex and Kristina have a similar situation: 87.8 percent of readers are sure that they will leave the show separately. 79.5% see the end of Tommy and Sandra’s relationship.

Aurelio and his partner Lala seem to have a little more hope. Although the majority of 60.6% of voters believe that a couple with a free relationship will eventually break up, 39.4% of participants still believe that these two can pass the loyalty test.


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