Fans are requesting Jisoo to participate in interviews


BLACKPINK fans ask for fair treatment for all group members and hope that Jisoo can have more participation within promotions and interviews.

Recently the girls of BLACKPINK released the song ‘Ice Cream’, a great collaboration where they worked hand in hand with Selena Gomez, in addition, the lyrics of the single were written by Ariana Grande and as expected it was a success, reaching the best rankings on music charts and breaking streaming records on YouTube.

As part of the promotions of ‘Ice Cream’, Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa and Rosé have been invited to several television programs, not only from South Korea, they have also had a presence in international media such as the United States and Japan, since the Public from all over the world are interested in the work of singers and rappers.

But an incident aroused criticism towards YG Entertainment, a company that manages the careers of the interpreters of ‘How You Like That’, because during the interview with a Japanese media, Jisoo did not have the opportunity to speak, despite the fact that the idol dominates language.

Fans of the group are asking for a better deal for Kim Jisoo, as they consider that she did not have a good distribution of lines in her latest single and they do not allow her to express herself during interviews.

BLINK is using social media to demand that Jisoo have more of a presence during promotions and on songs. It is not the first time that the followers of the K-Pop group have demanded more respect from YG for the singer from the city of Sanbon Dong in Gunpo, South Korea.

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Twitter users are trending the hashtag #LetJisooSpeak, fans post messages for the company that represents BLACKPINK to modify their routine in front of the cameras and allow all the girls to shine with their own personality and skills

BLINK also hopes that the deal is fair and that the situation will not repeat itself. Jisoo has proven to be a good variety show host, so fans think she should have adequate time to express her feelings about ‘Ice Cream’ and other BLACKPINK projects.


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