Fans Are Furious When Netflix CEO Ted Broke His Silence About The Cancellation of Shows, Including “Warrior Nun,” “Resident Evil” and Others


The cancellation of fan-favorite shows has been upsetting fans for quite some time. Recently, Netflix canceled shows such as Warrior Nun, Inside Job, 1899, First Kill and others, leaving fans disappointed. The streaming giant’s CEOs Ted Sarandos and Greg Peters spoke about the reasons for the cancellation. Their explanation disappointed the fandom again.

The cancellation of the show was so discouraging for fans that they started using hashtags on social media. #savewarriorun, #savefirstkill and many others are widely circulating on the internet. Among those disappointed fans, Netflix CEOs Ted Sarandos and Greg Peters defended the decision to cancel the show.

Executives Defend cancellation of Warrior Nun and Other Cancelled Shows

CEOs in an interview with Bloomberg said they never canceled a successful show. They pointed to the Korean TV series Squid Game as an example of a successful show. Sarandos said it’s very unlikely that the show will be as successful as Squid Game in a very short time. They also mentioned that this is a budget issue. Sarandos and Peters believe that the key to continuing the show is that shows with a small budget should reach a small audience. Whereas shows with a big budget should be able to reach a large audience. If the shows do it well, they can stand it.


Cancelled shows like Warrior Nun were well presented but had a big budget. Moreover, they were able to reach a very small audience, and the streaming giant had to cancel them. Appreciating the large library of the American OTT platform, the executives also stated that the audience will get everything they need on only one platform with the highest quality content. However, their comments and excuses infuriated fans.

Fans said they would never watch a new show unless they knew in advance that Netflix would not cancel them. While some have accused the streaming platform of canceling the show with weak justification, others have expressed their frustration with Netflix.

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