Fans Are “Betting Their Money” on Wednesday As The Mash-Up Brings Her and Ghostface Face-to-Face


With a bunch of creepy feminist flair, a byproduct of Netflix’s The Addams Family, Wednesday made the most of every creepy cooking opportunity and gothic aesthetic. And well, the black and witty charming heart of the show lies in the intense and attractive game of adult actress Jenna Ortega. It’s not all on her part. In 2022, she also played another fateful role in The Scream.

However, in the detective story, Ortega plays Tara Carpenter, the teenage half-sister of Sam, whom the infamous Ghost Face is more than eager to kill. But do you think he will have a chance if Ortega puts on his avatar of the killer Wednesday Addams? A digital artist recently presented a clue by matching the Environment and Ghostface face-to-face. And it’s good that the fans have their own opinion!

Fan art unites Wednesday Addams and Ghost Face, and Twitterati react in delight

Just so you know, the Thing won’t let anyone touch its little girl! Calling himself Boss Logic, the user apparently inspired the crossover between Wednesday Addams and Ghostface in his digital art. They perfectly combined the two franchises in a mashup with the Gothic character of Jenna Ortega and the vengeful Ghostly Face met face to face. But little does he know the Cry of the evil one, The Thing knocks on his shoulders from behind.

It’s pretty clear from the fan art that Ghostface is unlikely to emerge victorious in front of Ortega’s Gothic character. It is noteworthy that fans of the dark series hold the same opinion that they are in favor of betting on Wednesday.

One fan interestingly calls it the “mystery of knives.”

Others simply advise the Scream thug to turn away and run!

Hmm, no, leave on Wednesday
, she’ll put a voodoo curse on you, so
quickly you’ll stab yourself
away from the witch’s daughter 😆 😏

— TheeCaramelGodddess (@DaGodddess) January 21, 2023

But the best comment came when the fan art turned into a meme.

Well, one Twitter user has something else in mind! Interestingly, they suspect that they are forming an alliance. In addition, the Environment can also own Ghostface.

It is noteworthy that the majority holds a special opinion: if the fight really takes place, Wednesday will undoubtedly win the fight; turning Ghostface “into dust”.


It is not surprising that this opinion continues to exist. Here you can view a lot of such fan reactions.

What is your opinion about this deadly and dark crossover? Let us know in the comments below.


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