Fans are absolutely furious: Pamela Rafe’s mother is so hot!


Pamela Rafe’s mother (26) has become a star! The German influencer became known for his tough workouts and healthy recipes. Fans around the world are engaged in sports with the beauty and follow her daily life online. There she also likes to show her family members, such as her brother Dennis or her mother Manuela. Pamela’s latest video with her mom is just off the charts!

The 26-year-old shared a clip about herself and her mom on Instagram. The duo walks down the street in cold black and looks at a cheerful song, smiling at each other from time to time. Manuela seems to outshine her famous daughter. Because Pamela Rafe’s community then freaked out in the comments: “When mom looks like her sister” or: “She looks stunning. Now we know where your beauty comes from,” two users wrote, for example.

“Wow, what’s your mom doing?” another user was delighted with Manuela’s appearance. However, recently someone else in Pamela’s profile also caused a lot of comments. The YouTuber has been with network hunk Willy Wee for several months, so many suspect they may be a couple.


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