Fanmail: How To Send Letters And Gifts To Idols In Korea?


Did you know that it is possible to send letters or gifts to your favorite idols? There are many idols who can receive gifts from their fans such as clothes, letters, and fanarts that brighten the day of each of the artists, do you want to send a gift to your bias? You can do it!

Although it seems that sending letters is no longer in style because today are social networks and instant messages or video calls, it can also be a very nice detail to put all your creativity and love in a letter to your favorite idol, in addition to writing you can express yourself in the best possible way.

Maybe you have a lot to say to your favorite idol, did you make any fanart for him? Maybe you have a gift to send him, as it is possible to send him your gift, letter, or fanart and brighten his day with your words or talent dedicated to your favorite South Korean artist.

What you should take into account is that the letter may not necessarily be written in Korean, it could be English, but definitely, if you write it in Spanish it may be very likely that your favorite idol cannot read it or uses an online translator that they are not always accurate; For the same reason, you should not use this to write the letter, if you do not know Korean or English, you could find a human translator and entrust your feelings to him to help you with the translation of the letter. Or learn one of the two languages: ‘(.


Research the address

Idols receive letters at the agency where they work, so you should research their company address, be it JYP Entertainment, YG, SM, Starship, etc. Also try to investigate if the gang in question receives letters as there are gangs that do not receive letters or gifts, sadly: c

 You must have the address of the place in Korean and English, this is important.

Write your letter

Well, this step is obvious, write your letter or make your fanart and put all your love and creativity in these, it can vary according to the style of each person, but I believe that every word of encouragement and love will be well received by your fav idol.

Ideally, you would write to him in Korean because I think it would be much more comfortable this way, with the help of a human translator who can help you translate your words; or if you know Korean then you have it solved.

 Put all your love and dedication into the letter, it will surely be read by your fav idol.

Quote shipping prices

There are many companies that send letters and packages internationally, they charge you according to the weight of your package and the distance, companies such as DHL, FedEx, and even the Mexico Post Office; Likewise, the price varies according to the priority you want to give to your shipment.


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 Private companies are usually more reliable and provide you with a tracking number to track your shipment.

Prepare your package

It is very likely that the box or envelope where you send your letter cannot be decorated or have much around it, it must be of a solid color and only have the elements of the company that carries the shipment, as well as the sender who sends and the recipient who receives.

In order for your letter, gift, or fanart to reach the correct idol, you must put the name of the band, the name of the idol, and the address of the company in Korean and English.

 The fact that the shipping envelope cannot be decorated does not mean that your original envelope cannot be decorated, you can put a double envelope; Also remember to wrap everything very well if the possible gift with bubble wrap or foam so that it is not damaged on the long journey from your country to South Korea.

Send your letter or gift

Since you completed all the steps, send your package, surely your favorite idol will be very happy to receive it, there are many idols who later wear the clothes that their fans send them. As Hyungwon of MONSTA X when he used the tennis fan and sent his also seen Joohoney the same band wearing clothes that they send their fans plus it tells them to read their letters <3.


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 But if you send a letter to your fav idol, he will surely receive it and tell us about the experience, what did you write or give him as a gift?

Sadly, I have to tell ARMY that since 2018 BigHit and BTS do not receive any type of mailing either letter or gifts, but they have a PO box where letters can be sent ah! Did you think you couldn’t send gifts to your favs?


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