Fan turns Among Us into a Fighting Game


Among Us involves a mechanic of achieving goals or sabotaging opponents depending on which side you’re stuck on. However, a fan of the game known as Starcutter decided to take these characters and put them in a slightly different style: fighting. And, thus, is born Among Us Arena.

In this version, all characters are sent to an arena where they fight each other using basically four types of attack: a weak, a strong, a knife and a weapon. All of them can be used standing, crouching or in the air, and are the same regardless of the chosen avatar color.


It was also mentioned that this version has an online functionality, and in case you are curious to check it out, there is already an edition available on the net – and maybe we can rest assured about the life of this project, as the creators of the original used the official profile to demonstrate that they intend to try this version at some point

And you, what did you think of this version? Did you like it? Leave your message in the space below for comments.


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