Fan of Iris Mittenaere and won by the same book as Adèle!


Iris Mittenaere just posted a story on her Instagram account. The young woman shares her new book and it’s the same as Adèle!

Iris Mittenaere is therefore very active on her Instagram account. The young woman then shares many moments of her daily life. And this Tuesday, January 5, the former Miss France shares the new book she is reading. And it’s the same as singer Adèle!

Iris Mittenaere and singer Adèle therefore have one thing in common! Indeed, the former Miss France has been going through various projects since she was crowned beauty queen. And one of his biggest is radio.

Iris Mittenaere has been a host for several months now on Chérie FM radio. Diego El Glaoui’s sweetheart presents a column every day.

And the least we can say is that the young woman does not hesitate to work hard to make her successful. So she just posted a new story on her Instagram account and reveals a clue on the next one.


Indeed, Iris Mittenaere will present a chronicle on the book “Indomptée” by Glennon Doyle. “I’m testing a book that hasn’t come out yet to tell you about it in a column. It’s untamed “.

What if this book tells you something. It’s normal. Iris Mittenaere is not the only personality to talk about it. And for good reason, a few weeks ago, it was the singer Adèle who shared the work.

The singer also posted the cover on her Instagram account. “I am so ready for myself after reading this book! It’s like I’ve just flown through my body for the very first time. Phew! Anyone who has some kind of ability to really let go and surrender with any desire to hold on to their dear life. Do it. Read it. Screw. Convenient. ”

Iris Mittenaere therefore likes to share her literary favorites with her fans. A few months ago, it was Karine Le Marchand’s book that won her over!


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