Fan of Elven Ring created amazing sculptures from the duo Goldskin


The revolutionary launch of Elden Ring took place in February, and since then it has become the best-selling game of the year. The FromSoftware role-playing game has received extremely positive reviews from both critics and fans. The open world of Elden Ring deserves special praise: players spend hundreds of hours exploring the Lands Between in search of new challenges.

While traveling around the map, players eventually cross paths with Elden Ring bosses such as Malenia, Maliket, Radagon, Rennala and the Godskin duo. For many players, Malenia is the most popular boss of the Elden Ring, and gamers regularly dedicate illustrations to her. Not so long ago, a player drew a fur version of Malenia, and now a fan has created a 3D sculpture of the Godskin Duo to express his admiration for the boss.

Reddit user etherealSTEVE posted a couple of images on the social network showing their impressive Godskin Duo sculpture. The first one depicts an Apostle from bogomodeli in his usual appearance, and the second one depicts a nobleman from Bogomozhi with his traditional weapons and clothes. Both figures look incredibly realistic and are almost identical to the original versions of the two Godskin Duo bosses from Elden Ring, as etherealSTEVE tried to capture the smallest details. However, the user did not specify the exact data on the size of the sculpture, which aroused many curiosity.

In the end, the post attracted the attention of the huge Elden Ring community on Reddit, who reacted positively, as evidenced by hundreds of votes in less than 24 hours. The images also received some encouraging comments from others who admired the ingenuity of the original poster and the attention to detail. Some were curious about the techniques and materials used to create the famous Elden Ring boss, while others wanted to know if they were for sale. The original poster explained that they used a Resin 3D printer to create Godskin Duo sculptures and painted them with ZBrush. EtherealSTEVE also mentioned that they don’t want to sell these Godskin Duo figurines at the moment, but may change their mind in the future.

EtherealSTEVE is one of the few Godskin Duo fans who have created boss art. Despite the fact that he is the mandatory boss in the Collapsed Farum Azula region in the Elden Ring, Godskin Duo does not have as many fans in the community as Malenia or Maliket. Gamers have very contradictory opinions about the boss. Some Elden Ring players find the Godskin Duo battle fascinating and rewarding, while others find it the most annoying battle in the game.

Elden Ring is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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