Fan imagines characters from The Mandalorian like Joel


With the announcement of Pedro Pascal as one of the protagonists of HBO’s The Last of Us series, a fan took the opportunity to share on his Twitter profile a fanart in which he imagines Mando and Baby Yoda – or Din Djarin and Grogu, as he prefers – as Joel and Ellie, characters from the video game franchise.

As in the original Disney + production, the dynamics of The Last of Us series will be centered on two characters who need each other in order to survive in a world filled with chaos.

Mando and Baby Yoda have created a relationship of mutual trust over the two seasons of The Mandalorian. Apparently, Joel and Ellie are also going to build a very important bond in the new HBO project.

Check out the fanart released by Twitter:

Pedro Pascal’s lineup on The Last of Us may have been a great HBO pick

In the series The Last of Us, which will also have Bella Ramsey in the main cast, Pedro Pascal will play the brave Joel, a man who has almost no feelings and who is willing to accomplish his mission in a quick and practical way. But, little by little, a bond is being created.

The character is quite famous because of the famous video game franchise, developed by Naughty Dog. Interestingly, as noted by fans of The Mandalorian, this will be the second straight project in which Pascal will live an almost paternal figure.

However, it is not yet known how the characterization of the actor in the series will be, nor how the scripts about the relationship between the characters Joel and Ellie will develop.

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The public only has to wait for more news!


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