Fan Creates Mod For Lady Dimitrescu To Fight Bloodborne Boss


Resident Evil Village is, without a doubt, a fantastic game and full of charismatic characters, but it can be said that there were few who conquered as many fans as our dear Lady Dimitrescu. But the demonstration of love is not limited to just funny arts or videos dedicated to them, since some fans prefer to create very interesting mods involving the villain.

This includes a mod that put Alcina Dimitrescu in Bloodborne, but not as a playable character or a boss. Instead, the fan known as Just Garden of Eyes made a very interesting modification to put her in a fight against Lady Maria, one of the bosses of the game Soulslike.


You can tell that it is a very close battle, so they end up facing each other in a best of three. You can check out the whole match in the video above, since of course we will not reveal who came out victorious. When watching the fight, you’ll also notice that in addition to Lady Dimistrescu’s great visual recreation, the character’s lines were also added.

Unfortunately, our vampire raised in the lab is not the same height as we see in Resident Evil Village and ends up having a stature more similar to Lady Maria. This is only in the first part of the fight, of course, since Lady D has a surprise reserved for her opponent, just as she did with Ethan Winters.

Although not the focus of this mod, until it would be very interesting to see the bosses of Resident Evil Village in Bloodborne, after all, the theme is very similar in some ways. Who knows, we may not see something like that in the future, do we ?! Comment below which of the bosses best matches the style of the game from From Software.


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