Fan-Created Dark Souls Mod Is A Direct Sequel To The Game


Dark Souls: Last year, Dark Souls won the “Ultimate Game of All Time” category at the 2021 Golden Joystick Award. Since its launch in 2011, the game has been considered one of the favorites of thousands of players around the world. a team of fan modders created a direct sequel to the adventure, titled Dark Souls: Nightfall.

The game even received a remastered edition, however, many fans remain interested in creating their modified versions of the adventure. The Nightfall team is made up of Scott Mooney, known as Grimrukh, and other talented enthusiasts in the area — including professional artists who also created new areas, new enemies and other 3D art for the mod.

Demo version available

Last Saturday (22), Grimruck published the new demo version of Dark Souls: Nightfall with several fixes and updates. The demo is available for download from Grimrukh’s website.

“Nightfall is a direct fan-made sequel to Dark Souls, with a new story, new characters and bosses, new world map (built mostly from existing pieces) and more. It’s basically a new Souls game built using the Dark Souls engine,” Mooney said on his blog.

So far, there is no information on the release date of a full version of the mod, however, Grimrukh stated that it could happen during the first quarter of 2022.