Fan Art Show Sweet Animal Crossing Star Village Pajama Party

An Animal Crossing fan has created a fan art depicting a charming star party inspired by New Horizons furniture. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a great game for fans of space—themed scenery. Using New Horizons Star Fragments, you can create many beautiful pieces of furniture and decor to hang them in homes or decorate islands with them. They can also be a unique addition to any Animal Crossing fan art.
The villagers of Animal Crossing are also used in many art projects shared by fans of the series. Although some are more popular than others, such as Raymond the cat, players often have a personal favorite that stands out from the more than 400 different villagers available in the games. The villagers also have unique personalities and interesting styles that are reflected in the design of their homes, offering a wide range of inspiration for beautiful Animal Crossing artwork.
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The latest addition to this gallery of impressive works came from Twitter user ariamisu. The art depicts the astronomy-loving NPC Celeste at a pajama party with a group of sleeping village squirrels; Peanuts, Poppy, Static and Hazelnuts. Each resident is immediately recognized thanks to their unique design, accurately reproduced in soft colors. Celeste, literally an owl, is the only one who does not sleep, looks with awe at the beautiful stars decorating the walls of the room. Everyone else is fast asleep in a variety of cute poses. Even the moody Static has a weak smile on his face. Of course, this is only a small selection of villagers available in Animal Crossing, even among squirrels. One particularly notable absence is the popular Marshal, another squirrel villager with a cute design.
⭐️summer pajama party🌙 #animalcrossing
— smiling🧀₍ᐢ..ᐢ₎🥛the store is open (@ariamisu) on July 15, 2022.
It seems that the pajama party was also liked by fans, as the image has now gained more than 2.3 thousand likes on Twitter. The charming scene looks like it’s a moment from New Horizons, where the room where the sleepover takes place actually belongs to Filbert — with the addition of several pillows so that Peanuts and Static can sleep comfortably. The only other difference is that the Mini DIY workbench in the upper right corner of the room has been replaced with a Nova light source, one of the many decorations created using Star Fragment recipes from Animal Crossing.
With so many Star-based accents on display at Filbert’s house, it’s no wonder Celeste seems so charmed. Ariamisu’s decision to include her in the pajama party is perfect, demonstrating the natural development of the friendly owl’s life beyond her usual appearances in the game. The artwork offers fans a cute scene and provides a glimpse into the calm and peaceful lifestyle underlying Animal Crossing, and serves as a reminder of why the games have remained so popular over the years.