Fan animation Pokémon Riolu fun appeals to the game mechanics


A hilarious new Pokemon fan animation highlights some of the franchise’s most morally questionable game mechanics, namely how catching Pokemon involves tracking down Pokemon and throwing balls at them. One of the main participants in the long—running Nintendo franchise about Pokemon collecting monsters is to catch Pokemon, train them and face each other in turn-based battles. This mechanics has been questioned repeatedly over the years due to potential violence.

Although this simple but rich formula has helped Pokemon become a sustainable global phenomenon since its introduction in the late 1990s, many question the merits of capturing cute little life forms in small capsules and ordering them to fight each other. entertainment of the masses. The discussion around the mechanics of catching Pokemon ranged from ironic jokes to serious condemnation from organizations like PETA, and some fans further developed the alleged cruelty to animals with the shockingly violent Pokémon FPS, which was eventually taken down by Nintendo. Fortunately, Pokemon don’t seem to suffer when caught in the franchise’s signature Poké Balls, but that hasn’t stopped players from shedding light on how these spherical capsules are thrown at random creatures just going about their business.

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A few days ago, an animator under the nickname 2DPossum on a social network shared a hand-drawn animation on his Twitter account, which involves a cute Steel/Combat-type Pokemon Riolu (who turns into the more famous Pokemon Lucario as soon as his happiness level reaches a certain point during the day). A cheerful little canine creature puts on headphones and happily starts walking to the tune of his favorite song — only to get hit on the head with a pokeball from somewhere off-screen and lose consciousness. Many viewers in the comments section of the 2DPossum post noted that this parodies the traditional mechanics of catching Pokemon, and also praised them for how detailed and dynamic the animation as a whole is.

New lil animation! “Riolu’s Day Off” #Pokemon #animation

— 2DPossum (@2DPossum) July 16, 2022

While the animation makes fun of Pokemon’s use of pokeballs, this practice is likely to continue in the upcoming Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Pokemon titles were finally announced earlier this year after a lot of rumors and speculation, and the new starting trio was presented in a wide range of their own cute fan animations. In addition, eagle-eyed fans noticed the inside of the pokeball during one of the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet trailers, which may finally give an idea of what happens when a Pokemon hits one of them.

Whatever is hidden inside the branded Poké Balls of the Pokémon series, it will probably be more enjoyable than what happened to poor Riolu in the latest Pokémon fan cartoon from 2DPossum, in which a flying capsule simply knocks out the unfortunate puppy, instead of storing it inside for use in the future in battle or on training. Jokes about the shaky morality of the Pokemon universe have flooded the Internet for decades and are likely to continue when Pokémon Scarlet and Violet appear on the Nintendo Switch this November.