Fan admits his love for V and his response


Vde BTS gave an epic response to a fan who proposed to him, did he turn it down? The members of BTS are one of the K-Pop bands that most take advantage of technology and use different social networks to communicate with ARMY from all over, they expose their work and are connected with Internet users, showing their impact and popularity all over the world. .

Currently, the singers of ‘Boy With Luv’ are preparing the last details of their comeback with the single ‘Dynamite’, a retro and fun concept that we are sure will make the band’s followers dance.

BTS’s V has shared some spoilers for the song ‘Dynamite’, a few days ago the boy from the city of Daegu Geochang in South Korea shared some selfies of his original hairstyle and special outfit for the return to the stage of his group , but Taehyung also continues to surprise his fans with the interactions he gives them on the Weverse platform.

Taehyung updated his profile on the Weverse app, spoke with some of his followers and the funny moments were not lacking, the singer of the Bangtan Boys reacted like this to the wishes of an ARMY to marry him.

Confessing your love or the deep feelings that you have developed for someone is not easy, less if it is your favorite idol, you always run the risk that your affection is not accepted and that person does not feel the same for you, but there was a fan of the BTS boys who bravely took his cell phone and confessed to Kim Taehyung his life plans. ARMY wrote:


My dream is to marry Taehyung

How do you think V responded? Well, his best humor came out and the Korean pop artist replied:

It seems you still don’t have a dream

This phrase immediately became a topic of conversation for ARMY as Weverse users commented that Kim Taehyung created a phrase equivalent to ‘get out of your imagination’ or ‘don’t be ridiculous’ from his partner Seok Jin, well-known words within his fandom.


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