Famous Twitter User Shared Exciting Features About Samsung Galaxy Fold 2


Some new information has emerged about Galaxy Fold 2, the heir of Samsung’s foldable smartphone Fold. According to the new information, Fold 2 will have a bigger screen and a thinner frame.

South Korean technology giant Samsung, which launched its first foldable smartphone Galaxy Fold last year, is working on Galaxy Fold 2, the heir of Fold. However, the company does not plan to hold a special event for the next generation Fold.

The company, which will not organize a special event for the second generation Galaxy Fold, will organize a two-in-one event. Samsung will be promoting Fold 2 with the Galaxy Note20 series at the Unpacked event to be held on August 5th.

Bigger screen, thinner frame

Considering that we are now in late June, the Unpacked event is less than two months away. Of course, there are periods of time when information about such devices begins to emerge, and Galaxy Fold 2 is no exception.

Ice Universe, which has managed to reveal very important information from the smartphone world, has also revealed new information about Samsung’s second generation Fold device. According to Ice Universe, the interior screen of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will be 7.7 inches, while the original Fold has a screen size of 7.3 inches. Another information about the device was related to the thickness of its frame. According to Ice Universe, the frame of Fold 2 will be 3.8 mm thick.

Among the previous claims made about Galaxy Fold 2 were the selfie camera embedded in the screen. But then the belief that the notched design will be used for the selfie camera outweighed. Ice Universe also strengthened the notion that the phone would have a notched design by sharing the diameter of the notch as 4.8 mm.


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