Famous Twitch streamer DrLupo switched to rival platform


DrLupo, which is among the Twitch publishers with the highest number of subscribers, is moving to the rival platform with a big transfer two years later. Twitch publisher DrLupo, who signed an agreement that cost millions of dollars two years ago with the Twitch platform owned by Amazon, has signed a much more astronomical agreement.

Twitch streamer DrLupo sets sail for a new adventure

YouTube Gaming, the broadcasting platform that Google established in 2015 but could not get the tuberculosis it wanted, became stronger with an important transfer. DrLupo, who is already a YouTube channel, has 1.7 million followers on this channel. However, former Twitch streamer DrLupo had a total of 4.5 million followers on his old platform. With this transfer, DrLupo plans to attract its subscribers to the YouTube Gaming platform.

In this sense, the publisher loses more than half of its followers. Despite this disadvantage, it is said that DrLupo believes in the potential of the platform. The publisher’s manager, however, did not reveal how big a deal was with YouTube Gaming. Estimates are that he earned more from Twitch.

Announcing the deal on his Twitter account, DrLuppo will make his first broadcast with YouTube Gaming on August 31, as it is past midnight today. In order to watch these broadcasts, you need to subscribe to the YouTube channel of DrLupo publisher.

The publisher has three subscriptions, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. The monthly payment of the Level 1 subscription has a price of 15 TL. With this subscription, you can participate in live broadcasts and live broadcast chats. Level 2 subscription also offers the opportunity to participate in special live broadcasts with a fee of 60 TL. Level 3 subscription has a monthly payment of 150 TL and besides the advantages of other subscriptions, it provides the opportunity to access new videos in advance.

It is a matter of curiosity whether DrLupo, one of the Twitch publishers with the most subscribers, will be able to attract Twitch subscribers to the new platform after this decision. Twitch, on the other hand, is currently the most watched online game streaming platform, despite all the blood loss. According to statistics, Twitch has 72.3 percent of the market. On the one hand, Facebook and on the other hand, Google is after getting a bigger share of this pie.


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