Famous Technology Giant NFT Gives Gifts: Those Who Order Get The Gift!


Many technology giants continue to join the NFT world, which started to attract high attention in 2021. Famous phone brand Samsung is giving an NFT gift via Theta Network to those who order its new Galaxy S22 model phone and Galaxy Tab S8 tablet.

Samsung Theta Network Collaboration

For these NFT giveaways, Theta Network and Samsung have formed a partnership. Samsung plans to give these NFT gifts to customers who first order the Galaxy S22 in South Korea. In addition, Samsung conveys that the ownership benefits and privileges of NFTs will be given to customers. The Galaxy S22, which started pre-orders on February 9, is expected to be released on January 25.

Along with this development, Theta Network is expected to attract customers to its own NFT market, ThetaDrop. Because users who receive gift NFTs must first register with ThetaDrop in order to receive NFT.

Theta Supporters

Samsung has previously invested in Theta Network. For example, in 2020, Theta Network’s blockchain-based Theta.tv platform was made available to millions of Samsung Galaxy phone owners. Also in 2017, Samsung made a substantial investment in Theta Labs. Besides Samsung; Strategic institutional investors such as Sony Innovation Fund, Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments, Creative Artist Agency are also investing in Theta Network. It is also known that the famous singer Katy Perry made her first NFT collection via Theta Network.

Although some people see NFTs as a temporary fashion, many experts underline that they will become increasingly valuable. The creators of the NFT collection, who create a new wave of art, game and music for humanity, are also raising the bar more and more. Samsung, on the other hand, shows that it is not far from the developing technology agenda with these NFT gifts, and leaves a valuable legacy to NFT owners.